Too many social media platforms! Too much work!

In this day and age of social networking websites and apps it has certainly become easier to make your presence felt on the internet. There are numerous applications on which you can open your business account. But the question persists…

Where do you begin? And once you do, how do you maintain it?

Imagine, you own a small business, let’s say a café.

You have been running it for a while and You notice, you have garnered a few loyal customers who no matter what come to you and there are a few who are regular, who are getting acquainted to the café, and like that your service is available and convenient for them when they need it. Then there are many who stroll past your café and sometimes stop, grab whatever they need, and you never see them again!

At this stage you are thinking of increasing your market to earn those profits. How will you do it? Gone are the days where you hire someone to hold a placard that points to your shop! And even if you do, the probability of people coming to your shop is quite low. In addition, another person’s salary is added to your expenditure.

First and foremost, it is essential that you have your details stored in a neat format on a popular search engine. People underestimate Google when it comes to advertising one’s business. Google is a one stop shop. It helps your customer see the directions to your shop, your contact details, reviews of customers who have visited your shop and it also provides a link to your social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Zomato, Yelp, etc. Therefore, if you are planning on starting social media marketing for your business you must begin with that.

Below is the link where you can create a Business Listing on Google:

Below is the link which includes a step by step process to create a business listing

After you create a business listing, it is always better to have your presence on at least one social media platform where you can directly interact with your consumers. The method to choose should depend upon your comfort level with the platform as well as active presence of your current and potential consumers. Once you figure that out it is important to dedicate enough time to build your page by displaying how satisfied your consumers are through your service/product and what new and innovative things can your business offer to your consumers. It’s an excellent way to receive immediate feedback from your consumer and understand what products are popular among them.

Social media can be used to your benefit by understanding how one

can optimize the medium to reach out to current and potential consumers. It is not essential to have your business on all social media platforms. However, it is important to stay consistent with the chosen platform to maintain the growth in your customer base. This is the key to building your audience. Once you build a band of loyal followers you can then think of expanding to other mediums and start putting your efforts on a new platform.

According to Statista the most popular platforms among kiwis are Google, Youtube and Facebook followed by Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


It is essential to discover on which platform your existing and potential market present as each platform serves a different purpose for their users. On the basis of this, you can choose the platform you wish to invest your efforts and energy. Remember, consistency is key! Your customers follow you because they like your service or they stand by your product. It is essential that you interact with them through such mediums to build a connection with them. This provides the business with the necessary exposure. Giving value to the customers and their opinions will always help you keep your business ahead of your competitors even when the market is disrupting constantly. So get yourself going now and choose your customer and your preferred platform to interact and start your social media marketing today!

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