Factors affecting your Facebook Ads:

If you are a small/medium size business owner and have been wanting to create a digital presence for your business, the best way to go about it is to create a business account on the most popular social networking sites. Everyone is aware of the following ones:

Facebook: Bringing the world closer together

Instagram: To capture and share the world's moments.

Youtube: To give everyone a voice and show them the world

Every alternate post you come across on these platforms is an ad, but alll of the above have an unique mission statement. Currently Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users and is the number one social networking website.Therefore, the one platform where you need to be showcasing ads should be Facebook. Let's see how the ad algorithm works on the platform.

To understand how the Facebook algorithm works in the cases of ads one must understand what an algorithm is:

An algorithm is basically the machine learning or the AI or the program that was written, that decides which users on the site see which content at a given time. This content not only includes the posts which your friends and pages you follow put out but also the advertisements. As Facebook is free for everyone except for advertisers, to get the worth of your money here are the following factors which you need to know to boost your advertising rank and engagement:

1. The user experience on Facebook:

Facebook charges the advertiser to show their content to their target audience. Therefore, it is essential for Facebook to create a positive experience for its users as this positive experience helps them to keep users online thus, selling fractions of their user’s attention span to the advertisers.

The advertiser’s job is to make their content seamless. The content should not stick out like a sore thumb claiming to be an ad and badgering people to 'go buy stuff'. Advertisers have a few metrics at their disposal on Facebook which can be used to monitor their posts: Relevance score, negative feedback, and positive feedback. You have to add these features to your ad account on Facebook to monitor. If you create ads that encourage positive engagement (hearts/likes/smileys/thumbs up/comments) Facebook will play your advertisement to more people.

2. Revenue:

Facebook is always looking for quality advertisements which lead the user through a great sales funnel. What does that mean? It means that if your ad has a great clickthrough rate and converts potential consumers to actual consumers of the product, Facebook will show that ad to more people. Facebook realises that a funnel that optimises purchase and advocates a positive user experience which in turn creates revenue for them. As Facebook is not responsible for your conversion rate (converting users to paying consumers) you must be mindful of what content you are putting out there for your consumers to see. You need to have expert copywriting skills; you need to test the ad and the page that the user ends on when he/she clicks on the ad before posting it on Facebook. Everything must be seamless, to-the-point, and hassle-free.

3. Variations:

Variation is the key to trigger the Facebook algorithm in a positive way. For example, if you have 50 followers who have liked your page who range from age 16-60, you should aim to cater to them differently. It is a good ideas to create a variety of posts (including - images, videos, carousel, Instant experience, and/or collection) and a hook to compel users to click on it and increase your clickthrough rate. When you try out various combinations of the ad formats to convey the idea or purpose behind the ad, it ultimately becomes a multiplying effect and Facebook tries to show these combinations to your target audience and beyond to gain more traction. Be aware that Facebook is always not going to show all the variations that you've created. It will push the advertisement, which is ranking high on the relevance, engagement, and clickthrough scores. Facebook's algorithm is very mindful of the kind of demographic among whom your ad is popular. It is possible that a certain ad image along with the hook is popular among 20-25 year old people but not among people who are above 40. That demographic may have a higher chance of clicking on a video advertisement. Therefore, it is essential for you to create a variety of ad formats and test those regularly.

The main takeaway to hack Facebook's algorithm is basically to conduct research and have excellent copywriting skills. You must have the purpose of your ad defined clearly in your mind and execute it accordingly to give the users exactly what they clicked on. Facebook ad formats are always at your disposal however the trick is to experiment, test, and hack the minds of the users rather than Facebook's algorithm.

For more information, you can click below to learn more about advertisements on Facebook and their ad formats.


Our next blog will include the factors which boost Instagram and YouTube ads!

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