3 ways small businesses can use Instagram stories in their favour

The main objective of any business is to increase its profits by increasing sales and the best way to achieve that within a short period of time is advertising. The means of advertising the products and services may have changed throughout the years, but the purpose remains the same – Make the maximum number of people aware of your products/company. And what better way to reach out to people globally than through social media.

Stories became wildly popular when Instagram recently adopted it from Snapchat and added many exciting features to it. There are 500 million daily active users who post regularly on their stories. According to recent statistics by Instagram, the number of posts per month has gone down drastically compared to the number of stories active users are putting out daily. Therefore, it is essential for small and big businesses alike to take advantage of the tools that Instagram is offering to grow their businesses.

Since all businesses are in different stages of their growth, the following are the categories of the stories which can be best suited for the stage that the business is in:-

1. When you are launching a product or service:

When you are introducing a new product to a market it certainly helps to create a buzz around it. To generate that level of interest amongst your customers you have to post stories regularly on your account to let them know that something new and exciting is coming their way. The ‘Countdown’ sticker on the story can help you to create that eagerness amongst your followers for the product launch. To be more aligned with what your customers want, you must encourage engagement from them. Let them know that they can unlock an early bird discount or become testers of the product just by Swiping Up the story, filling a form, or by Direct Messaging. This leads to driving an urgency amongst your customers which makes them want to buy your product immediately. Such activities can also lead you to a greater insight such as knowing who your fans are, who cares about you, your brand, and products!

2. When you want to gain more engagement with your brand.

One of the useful and simple feature that Instagram stories introduced was POLLS. A simple Yes/No question can lead to so many insights directly from your followers and customers. For that matter even if a user watches your story from start to the end, that also counts as engagement. The more a user engages with your stories, Instagram will make sure to notify the user about your latest posts by featuring your content on is his/her story feed. Therefore, give them a reason to watch your stories. Use your Instagram stickers like Polls, Ask a Question, DM to spur an action from your followers which is going to help you get more views and engagement from them.

3. When you want to convert potential consumers to actual consumers.

Instagram stories is a great way to convert potential customers to actual customers. Consider, you have a website through which you sell merchandise like t-shirts and sweaters. You can either use the Poll feature or a Direct Message feature to see if your followers are interested in buying a 'Unicorn' sweatshirt. Through their replies, you can see how many people are interested in the merchandise and you can send them a message along with a link that directs them to the page from where they can buy the product. You can also DM coupon codes and interesting deals directly, therefore encouraging them to successfully convert from potential to actual customers.

Another big is the SWIPE UP feature. This is a great time saver and can be used by Instagram accounts that have more than 10,000 followers. Normally to make your followers aware of your website or blog, you have to create a post and direct them to your bio where the link is present. The story feature gives you an option to attach the URL to the story and anyone can access it just by Swiping up on it! I mean, how great is that!

The format of stories has now been adopted by the majority of the popular social media platforms (Facebook/ WhatsApp/ Instagram/ YouTube and Snapchat). We are also aware of how small the attention span is of the current social media platform users. Stories and its features thus, perfectly compliment the part where users see what they want to see without the extra noise and help content creators give their followers exactly what they want.

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