4 Spreadable Content Ideas for Social Media!

Most of us wish that our posts would become viral hits with hundreds and millions of views and interactions. But unfortunately, viral hits are far and few between. Instead, our focus should be on curating spreadable content that can be shared quickly, easily, and widely.

Spreadable content ensures meaningful interactions with potential consumers and clients. In Henry Jenkins popular book, Spreadable Media, he lists several types of content that is most spreadable on the internet and social media.

1. Humour

Humour is one of the most popular types of content because content creators can show they relate to and understand their audience.

Wendy’s Twitter account is full of hilarious tweets about fast food as well as the not-so-rare roasts at other competing fast-food chains. Notice that Wendy’s is targeting the millennial generation by using Twitter as well as incorporating the millennial art of “roasting” to pull this demographic in. Check out their hilarious tweets below:

Tip: To incorporate humour into your own social media posts, brainstorm topics and ideas that appeal to your particular target audience. Then, see it in a funny light! (Memes are a fantastic way of doing this).

2. Parody and References

Many advertisements and marketing campaigns use parodies and references to connect to their target audience. By referencing people, events, or objects that are of significance to the target audience, you will be able to draw their attention and pull them in.

For example, clothing company ASOS referenced the Area 51 meme, made popular by a young man on Facebook. This is important because people who understand the Area 51 reference have shared histories and experiences. These people will most likely interact and share your content because it holds significance to them, even though it may just be a funny meme!

Tip: Research what is trending on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and incorporate these trends into your own posts.

3. Unfinished Content

Unfinished Content allows your audience to participate in your social media posts and create an engaging community.

A fantastic example of this is Australian skincare brand, Frank Body. Frank Body’s amazing Instagram account encourages users to upload photos of their before-and-after pictures using Frank Body’s skincare products, which they will then feature on their Instagram page.

Audiences can inform your social media posts and makes things super interactive!

Tip: Use the Instagram polls to see what your audience is thinking about, or feature user submitted questions on your Insta story and answer them. You can even feature an “About Me” template on your story (P.S. there are a tonne of free templates on Pinterest).

4. Timelines

Content creators can use timeliness to speak about topics or events that are culturally relevant at the moment, and thus, more likely cause strong engagement with audiences.

Take, for example, the popularity of pseudo-holidays on social media such as #NationalPizzaDay or #NationalPuppyDay.

Tip: Research different national holidays that are relevant to your brand and remember to put them on your calendar so you don’t miss out on amazing opportunities for timely content.

In conclusion, these content ideas are great for engaging with your audience as well as creating a meaningful relationship. So, if you’re ever stuck for post ideas, give one or all of these a go. Good luck!

And if you get stuck, contact me to make an appointment for a social media consultation, either in person or via video phone call.

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