24 Days of Social Media 2019

Hi everyone!

Here are my 24 days of social media tips which I ran on my Instagram account @catherinesocialmedianz.

Here I posted one tip a day plus some of my friends posted their top tips as well!

READ ON to be let in on some of our secrets to growing a genuine social media following for your small business and how to create content which engages and inspires your audience so they keep coming back for more!

AND don't forget, if you need help planning your social media for your small business in 2019 and would like to meet up for a free consultation, contact me today!

1. Utilise the Direct Message. You may have realised that Facebook have started adding an optional send message button to Facebook business page posts now. This is to increase more private conversation with potential and current customers and clients. My tip is to create posts in which encourage direct messaging more! Facebook have facilitated and served the opportunity up for you for a reason so you should take it!

2. Grow together.

Everything is better with friends. When is the last time you collaborated with a business or organisation? Do you have one in mind? Maybe you have been admiring a business for a while or a charity that you would.love to support in some way.Social media is about growing together. It's about a healthy balance between give and take.And it is the perfect place to start new business relationships and partnerships.Remember to collaborate and grow together!

3. Don't forget about the lesser-known and smaller social media platforms out there! Even if you use them just to get ideas for content, its a good idea to keep up with what is out there and what is happening in internet land. Sometimes it's good to be different, and be on the platform that has not be saturated by your competitors yet. Be different. How else can you get your message out there?

4. One of the biggest things to focus on in your social media strategy in 2019 is Instagram, Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Snapchat stories. These 'micro moments' aim to show a more personal side to you and your brand. This increases authenticity which people crave on social media. Do you feel like you have mastered stories yet? Are you not reaching the amount of people you would like (or the right people) ?

5. Authenticity is still king on social media. Believe me, people are getting better at spotting inauthentic content a mile away and will steer clear of it, and not come back for more. If you speak your truth, and use effective imagery around your branding, you will stand out for all the right reasons.

6. Make use of user generated content! As in the content created by your fans and followers about your brand. Make sure you engage and share user generated content about your brand and facilitate the creation of it

7. Don't be too salesy, your content should provide value to your customers. Give more than you take. This will help people engage with your content and see you as a source of valuable information. The ideal mix should be 80/20. 80% value 20% promotion and sales. Aim to educate, empower and entertain your audience. This tip is written by Hot Pink Social.

8. Master the art of storytelling. People love stories that they can relate to, if they can identify with your story, they will sit up and pay attention. Be creative, humorous, engaging and inspiring. Remember people buy from people, not businesses. This tip is written by Hot Pink Social

9. You need to think of Pinterest as not a social networking site, but a massive search engine for ideas, plus a way to drive more traffic to your website....... I would strongly suggest using the app Tailwind if you are thinking of seriously using Pinterest as it schedules pins for you, plus does a whole lot of other cool things like Tribes (which are like groups)

10. You might be surprised by this one, but the rise of vertical video is happening (even for marketing purposes)! Do you hold your phone sideways or upright? If you said upright, you would be like most people and part of the trend. Here are some tips. Add text overlay. There are multiple premium stock libraries with millions of royalty-free videos, photos, images, graphics, music to add to your videos. Use Story videos on Facebook and/or Instagram as part of your content marketing plan.Facebook’s now has its own captions generator tool, Great to use for marketing videos.

11. Think of Instagram as an adult's version of show and tell.Remember when you would bring in a new found object or told a grand story about what you got up to in the weekend to your classroom? Well, Instagram can work like this too. Think of the best thing you have come across recently and showcase it. If you have a peculiar story or memory to share with your audience, tell it

12. New Zealand is 9th in the world for social media penetration (According to Hootsuite data). This is the monthly usage of the most popular social media channel compared to population.🇳🇿..We are higher than the U.S.A (12th) Australia, (13th).Canada (14th) and the U.K.(15th)


Social isolation. In NZ we feel isolated from each other so we crave constant connections via social

FOMO. We like to keep up with bigger overseas social accounts and wish we were them.

13. Think small (yes small!) You know all those Linkedin posts that tell you the sky's the limit? Well actually on social media and when you are starting out, that can be quite wrong........Instead of trying to help EVERYONE, try to help just that one person, and speak to them. ......For example, think of a recent client or customer's issue and how you spoke to them and helped solve it....... Create a post about it! Do you get what I am saying? Apply this technique on Linkedin and see what happens.

14. Concentrate on the social media platforms that are best suited to your business.Build your audience and presence on those before branching out to more platforms. If you're stuck for time and resources, don't spread yourself too thin - concentrate on just 2 or 3 social media platforms. This tip was written by Queen of Swords Media.

15. Remember to be social. Remember that social media is meant to be social - so always reply to comments and messages......Endeavor to create a two-way conversation to help build an online community around your brand. This tip was written by Queen of Swords Media.

16. Do you know all those Youtube videos taken with morning hair, tired eyes and messy hair. The lighting may not be flattering at all. The mood might not be exactly on point. .....It's not perfect, but it's real. What I'm asking you to be on social is raw. People like to see the real you, warts and all, because the more natural you are, the more you will create a deeper connection with your audience. Don't be perfect all the time

17. Brands often save their very best content for Instagram posts. Their very best photography. Their very best advice, and their very best writing. Do you know why that is? Because it NEEDS to stand out when scrolling. Otherwise we don't stop and look. It needs to grab the viewer's attention among all the other photos scrolled per minute.So, that was my first tip. Save your best content for Instagram......... My second tip is use the Instagram search function more for ideas. If the very best content is on Instagram, then you are guaranteed to be inspired and have your mind blown when you search. Make sense?

18. Tone of voice is key. Think about who you are as a business. Friendly? authoritative? innovative?......Portray that through your social media channels. This tip was written by Amped Social.

19. Plan ahead. There is nothing worse than needing to post something and not having any content and rushing it. ..... This ensures you have consistency of content and can utilize a variety of channels effectively. This tip was written by Amped Social.

20. Completely rethink everything you have ever done......When I say this what I mean is rethink your traditional view of what is 'professional'. Break down your barriers......Be unprofessional. .....Show your challenges as well as your successes. They are a part of you, and they are what make you, you.....This is the stuff that viewers really want to see and relate to!

21. You are not smarter than the algorithms. So stop trying to outsmart them.If you go down this road you will likely start focusing on things that don't truly matter and forget that the purpose of social media is to make meaningful connections......Think of all the times you have tried to outsmart an algorithm. Was it worth the time and effort?

22. Analytics tell you A LOT of things. I mean there is data on...The times when you fans are online. Their age range, where they are from. How many people you have reached and how many have engaged with your content. And the list goes on.What analytics don't tell you about is how to help people and make a difference.This is where you need to follow your gut and your intuition. That's why I always say, if you focus on creating meaningful content, results will follow.

23. Figure out yourself first. Basically, when you know who you are, you will be able to portray that on social media a lot better.Social media is a journey, not a destination.....Don't get caught up in the trends if they don't relate to who you are.Don't compromise morals and values just to keep up with trends......Know you first, and then the real you will come out on the screen and then you can really start to make a difference.

24. Find your purpose. ....If your business has been on social media for a while now, and you have developed a good following, and you are getting your desired results through paid advertising and organic posts. it's time to go to the next level. You need to start thinking about your organisation's social media strategy's purpose. ......Why is your organisation on social media? How is your content making a difference to your audience in a positive and socially responsible way?

That's it!

If you are feeling stuck then return to these tips for guidance and remember to contact me for a free consultation to get your social media for your small business sorted in 2019!.

Remember to Live, Breathe and Post.

Catherine :)

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