10 Commandments of Social Media

Here is it people!

My social media 10 commandments. It's been a few weeks since I posted them on my Instagram account and I enjoyed creating these 10 rules to live by (and post by) very much!

Of course, everyone is different and the commandments are really just guidelines to follow.

They are always up for debate! I would love your feedback below if you feel the need to put your two cents in.

What is your number one rule (or commandment) that you live by on social media?

Here is my 10:

1. Thou shall be honest and true to myself

How many times have you been told: 'just be yourself'. Just be yourself and then good things will come to you.

Everything will work out if you just be yourself. Well, I'm here to tell you that even on social media, being you, your authentic self, is KING. Even if people disagree with you. Just keep being you. Don't sweat the unfollows. Think of it this way, it's better they have unfollowed you, than started trolling your page. Right? When is the last time you thought, hey that post was entirely just. me. ? Go do that. More.

2. Thou shall be bold.

Be bold. Be daring. Be bold be daring.

Social media is NOT the place to be a wallflower. If you want to make any kind of impact at all you need to get off that wall and start moving and shaking. Start getting all up in people's feeds.... If you truly believe in what you are doing, whatever that may be... And you KNOW that you have the goods and the know-how to help people and help solve problems.... then what are you waiting for?? Be bold. Be daring.

3. Thou shall protect one's self.

Stay safe out there. When is the last time your changed your passwords? When is the last time you updated your security settings on your accounts?

4. Thou shall post meaningful content

Once more.... with feeling!!! When you create content for your business, what do you create and why? What values you you have in place that determine your content? What is your overarching belief that gets you up in the morning, and gets you on the social media grind? Thou shall post meaningful content can mean different things to different people. How are you adding value in your posts and how is it resonating with your following? .

5. Thou shall know when to let it go

You know when you get a not so positive reply to one of your posts, and then the whole conversation goes down a path that you were not intending? Thou shall know when to let things go. BUT, remember, thou shall reply to negative comments in a respectful way. Here's some advice. Let your voice be heard 3 times. Reply a maximum of three times, and then, know when to let it go. People will make their own decisions and their own choices

6. Thou shall be socially responsible

Everything you and I post on social media has a consequence. Think, before you post. Is it accurate? Is it kind? Is it your honest opinion? Is it a valuable message that will contribute to the social media community in a responsible way?

7. Thou shall use the 80/20 rule

Social media is meant to be just that, social. For your business if most of, or I shudder to say, ALL of your posts are advertising plugs and self promotion for whatever project you are working on, or product you are selling, then you are really missing the point. You don't want to turn people off. Of course SOME of your posts can be promotional. Use the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of your posts can be purely social posts. Tell your story, show your journey, be social, get personal, be you. 20 percent of your posts can be, oh and check out this new blog I've written, this e-book I have finished, or this event I am running. AND don't forget to plug your friends awesome endeavors as well!

8. Thou shall learn to unplug

Everyone needs time away. To think and to breathe. I will let you in on a little secret: Social media is actually quite easy. Simply put, you just need to focus on creating meaningful content. Try only engaging when you have just posted. Spend most of your time thinking, dreaming, creating THEN post what you love. And remember that analytics are helpful, but they don't tell THE WHOLE story.

9. Thou shall not compare one's self to others

Thou shall not compare oneself to others. You are on your own journey through social media land. You are not there to be like anybody else. As long as you are posting about what you believe in, and optimising your posts as much as you can, then enjoy the journey. Accounts go through growth and stagnant periods. Channels die. People move on. It's all part of the journey.

10. Thou shall seize the day

There is never a 'perfect' time. What I often tell myself every morning while lying in bed - and especially when I am having a not-so-great day is: Well, you have to get out of bed sometime, so you might as well do it now.

It's painfully simple, but it works.

With social media, if your gut is saying 'create that', 'do that now, it will be great'. Then it probably is going to be great. You might as well do it now!.

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