6 Common Mistakes made by Small Biz in Social Media

Can you think of the most embarrassing or worst mistake you have seen a business, organisation, celebrity or political figure make on social? There have been many.

The worst can really happen. (not to scare you). But do you know what’s even worse in this day and age than an accidental tweet? NOT HAVING SOCIAL MEDIA AT ALL.

Here are my most common mistakes made by small businesses on social media. Try, try try not to make them! (you can do it!)

Here is number 1:

Posting randomly with no strategy.

Imagine this: you are floating about wildly in a small boat with nothing steering you in the right direction. You would get lost right? So what do you need to stay afloat? A map, or a strategy. What do you want to get out of your social media strategy? What are the main weeky/monthly/yearly objectives that you want to meet? It’s important to make clear goals for your social media strategy from the get go. Even before you post any content. Set clear goals (3 main ones). Then set clear objectives – these will be the steps you take to reach your goals. Make sure that they are measurable.

The second common mistake:

Managing everything manually and having no content calendar or scheduling tool.

You need to let the tools do the work! To see better results, you need to be consistent with your posts. It’s not just a matter of creating great content, but a matter of keeping up with the algorithms. It is much easier to be consistent if you have planned your content in advance and then scheduled it. There are many easy to use scheduling tools out there, some have free versions or trials. Or you can get old school and use the good old notebook and pen to plan your content.Do whatever works for you.

The third common mistake:

Not keeping up with your analytics.

This is important so you know if your content is actually resonating with your followers and if it is driving them to act and engage. All major social media platforms have their own analytics sections. Keep an eye on the measures that are part of your strategy – e.g if one of your goals is to increase engagement, regularly keep track of how many post engagements you are getting per week, month.

The fourth common mistake:

Getting discouraged.

I think this is extremely true for us kiwis in small biz, as we often compare ourselves to huge overseas businesses who seem so successful.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with social media.

It is easy to turn into some kind of Zombie and just scroll with your eyes glazing over. It can take longer than you once thought to get established.

Just suck it up and keep trying!

One hack is to tap into mindfulness practices. Set your intention before you open that app or tab. Think, what am I achieving right now. Is it to schedule 3 posts for the week? Maybe it’s to look at the first 10 Instagram photos that come up and really engage with my followers. Exercise self-control. Or you may end up falling in a deep dark hole on the internet!

The fifth common mistake.

Thinking everything is about numbers.

Social media is meant to be just that, social. It’s about making meaningful connections. It’s a long game. There is no quick fix. Buying followers is for one, unethical and two unhelpful for your business. If all you are doing is checking your followers count, then you are missing out on the point. Worthwhile followers are attracted to your pages through the creation of meaningful content, and content which is useful, informative and entertaining. To put it bluntly if you put shit out there, you will only get shit back. You may have 1000s of followers, but if they aren’t meaningful leads for your business then how is that helping you succeed?

The sixth common mistake:

Forgetting to research current trends.

Social media changes all the time. It is constantly evolving. Think about this: Instagram business profiles only came into effect mid 2016, and now we have Instagram stories and highlights, (which you can add gifs and even music to now) and NOW Instagram TV! New additions are happening all the time. Remember to keep up with the trends, and the advice for businesses, because it is changing ALL THE TIME.

Now are you getting overwhelmed?? If you are, I understand. But luckily there are social media consultants out there to help you out when you need it. –no one wants to become a zombie (well maybe some of you do???) and no-one wants to fall down an internet dark hole.

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your social media needs!

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