Social Media Personality Quiz!

Here it is people....

My social media personality quiz!

If you have come here via Instagram then you will know what this is all about!

If not, then you will wonder what I am saying if I say you are a goat on social.


I have created 7 different social media personalities and they each have their own mascot. Pukeko, Weta, Dragon, Dinosaur, Kitten, Goat and Zombie.

Now, what is the aim of this?

Well. Two reasons. One - because it's fun.

Two, because if you realize what personality you are online then you can help this inform your social media business strategies. For example, if you find out your are a Zombie, then the platforms Instagram and Twitter may not be for you as they require constant engagement and need to be posted to daily. (Zombies do not engage or comment very much!)

Complete my 10 question quiz to find out what you are! ALSO: Here is a printable version for ya.

Social Media Personality Quiz

Choose the options which are most like your own behaviour or thoughts.

1. How often do you post on social media?

a) Hardly ever

b) Only when a big update is necessary

c) When my kids or family or work colleagues have done something great or cute

d) When I need to vent or am annoyed at something

e) When I am wearing an outfit which is on point

f) When I have just taken an amazing nature shot

g) Probably once a week, maybe

2. What kind of content do you post about?

a) Post? I mostly lurk

b) I share interesting articles and events which I am involved with, or working on

c) Videos and photos of my kids and family or family holidays

d) I invoke discussion about issues which are important to me

e) Snaps! A lot of snaps to all my friends, oh and Instagram stories of parties I have been to

f) Arty and outdoorsy pics

g) Nothing and everything

3. How big is your following?

a) Only my close friends on Facebook and Instagram. I have a private Instagram account

b) I like to think I have a reasonably big following on Facebook and Instagram

c) A medium –ish following on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

d) I have a smallish following on Twitter and Facebook. I am an admin in a couple of Facebook groups

e) 1000+ followers on Instagram (and counting!)

f) I don’t care about that kind of thing, therefore I don’t check. I’m all about showing my creativity

g) I don’t really remember…

4. What is your favourite social media platform or the one you use the most?

a) Don’t have a favourite

b) Facebook Messenger

c) Facebook

d) Facebook Groups

e) Snapchat or Youtube

f) Instagram


5. Do you like to get into heated discussions online?

a) I don’t really comment on anything, ever

b) Only if it’s something I truly believe in

c) If I am protecting one of the family then yes

d) Yes, yes I do.

e) If they are threatening my reputation then yes

f) I like to giggle to myself and then put a one word answer or an emoji that no one will understand

g) I avoid public confrontation at all costs on social media. I prefer to write an essay-long emails or private message to someone that has wronged me

6. Do you know what an Instagram story is and how to post one?

a) Yes, but I would never post one

b) Yes, but I don’t post them very often

c) Yes, but I prefer to check out my kids and grandkids stories rather than post my own

d) No, come again?

e) Yes I post them daily

f) Yes, I post slow panoramas of the places I have visited in the weekend

g)Yes, but I haven’t gotten around to learning how to use them

7. What should social media be used for primarily?

a) To kill time and entertain me

b) For social change

c) Keeping in touch with friends and family

d) Connecting people

e) Influencing people

f) Sharing art and creativity

g) To learn new skills

8. How would YOU describe your personality online?

a) I’m not sure I have one, I just observe

b) I am very supportive to causes and events that inspire me

c) Friendly and helpful

d) I sometimes get called a ‘troll’. But I think I am just saying what everyone is thinking

e) Always on fleek, I am just everything

f) It changes a lot

g) I think I’m pretty social? But only when I feel like it

9. How often do you check social media?

a) Only when I have nothing better to do

b) Only when I am posting something

c) ) Once or twice a day, I have days off when I need to ‘detox’

d) A lot. Especially when I’m involved in a long discussion

e) All the time

f) Late at night, or early in the morning

g) When I post something, but then I often forget to reply and engage

10. What did you do before social media existed?

a) ) I liked to be at home watching DVDs

b) I used to walk down the street until I saw someone I knew

c) I met up with friends and family in shopping malls

d) I hung out at my local pub

e) You would have found me in da club

f) Painting, drawing, photography

g) I used to read a lot (I still do!)


Mostly As –Zombie Mostly Bs – Weta Mostly Cs – Pukeko Mostly Ds – Dragon Mostly Es – Kitten Mostly Fs – Goat Mostly Gs – Dinosaur

Personality Profiles!


Often you lurk on social, scrolling through, looking at friend's photos, stories and updates but not commenting. Likes observing and searching, but doesn't engage too often. Feels safer and more secure with only a select number of friends that is added to only so often.


Strong and steady. They do a lot of work, maybe in the background.

Posts (but not too often). The posts they do share are worthwhile. Have been on Facebook from the beginning.

Have witnessed and taken part in the evolution of Facebook and social media in general. Wetas can get overshadowed by kittens.


Known for having a complex social life

Vocal, friendly and smart

Often shares a lot. May be susceptible to sharing too much information, for example personal information about kids and family,


Likes to get into heated discussions online.

Passionate. Will stand up for what they believe in.

Inspire people to take action and instigates new ways of thinking.



Constantly on social media

On most platforms including Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube.

Always striving to get the perfect shot to get likes.

Has a need and a want for short term engagement rather than a long term strategy.


Comments randomly. Never really sure what they mean.

Fun. May post outdoorsy and nature inspired pics, and arty pics.

Often in 'own little world'

Miscommunications or 'headbutts' are common.


Is very active on social media at times but then disappears or goes offline.

Have started a whole lot of accounts but does not keep up with them and maintain them.

May have an affinity with Twitter.

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