So you want Organic Reach and not a Landslide?

Everybody wants a high level of organic reach on their social media accounts right? Over the past while on my Instagram account I have been discussing ways to increase your organic reach so that it doesn't go down hill and you aren't left feeling deflated.

What is organic reach? Reach on social media is an analytics measure that is the number of accounts in which your content comes up on their screen. Organic reach is the measure which is unpaid - so it's not part of a paid campaign, a boosted or sponsored post and so on.

It has been widely said that organic reach on social media, especially Facebook has been declining. So, here I'm going to let you in on some of my secrets so you don't go down an organic landslide!

Also, feel free to join the discussion on my Instagram here.

1. Connect with your past.

One of the ways you can increase authenticity on social and therefore attract meaningful connections is if you have the ability to connect to your past. You need to learn from your mistakes and grow from them. You need to talk, consult and ask people about your strategy because yes we all have something to add.

2. Take your sweet time.

Think deeply about your social media strategy. Don't rush. It is a good idea to fully plan out your content in advance. In a perfect world, everything would be planned a month in advance and signed off and perfect. However, that doesn't always happen. I encourage you to take your time with your posts. Think quality not quantity. Think authenticity not numbers The results will follow.

3. Don't fall off the deep end.

If your posts seem to not be increasing your following, but you are still happy with your engagement level, then what do you do? This is a very odd situation to be in because it means a good number of people that see your posts are interacting with them, but you are not gaining loyal fans.

Don't let it discourage you.

Maybe it's time to sit down and define your target market again.

Who are the groups you want to provide content for and to?

What kind of content do they need, like and want?

How can you consistently give them this content?

4. Know what NOT to do.

Sometimes it's what you don't post on social media and what you don't include in your strategy that makes all the difference. Do I really need to post multiple times a day? Or is it more about the quality of the posts. Have I really planned out this post so that it aligns with my businesses' values? Think about these things the next time you are posting on social media.

5. Get your timing right.

If you are not reaching enough people organically, it could be the timing, This may be thought of as common knowledge now, but I see some accounts not posting at an optimal time for their audiences, or not knowing when it is. Check your analytics. What time of day are your followers online? When are they likely to check your platforms and what do you think they would like to see at that time? On Sunday morning.... maybe a shot of your delicious Sunday breakfast in bed On Wednesday evening... a motivational post might just do the trick.

Once you have got your organic reach up to a level that you are happy with and it is consistent enough, then you can start measuring your engagement level versus your reach.

What makes a post more successful is the number of people that have engaged with it, and if a high percentage of people that you have reached have, then fantaaaastic!! It means you have targeted the right people. Perfect.

I hope these tips have encouraged and motivated you to grow your organic reach on social media because often the most meaningful relationships and business connections are grown this way.!

And remember to Live, Breathe and Post!

Catherine x

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