Meaningful Social Media Strategy Starter Kit

Get my FREE printable social media strategy template starter HERE:

What is this meaningful social media strategy that I have been talking about on my Instagram for the past while?

Have you just been posting randomly on your platforms, getting a few likes and comments here and there, and generally having an average time?

Well, I am here to tell you that a social media strategy - a well thought out, meaningful one that aligns with you organisation's vision and mission is what you need.

There are many reasons:

- The all encompassing aspects of social media can be overwhelming.

Which platforms should I use? How often do I need to post?

Who am I trying to reach? How do I know who to follow that will follow me back?

When you sit down and create a strategy, you will hash out all these questions and then you will realise what is going to be the best for your organisation.

- You need a social media strategy that is going to create and transfer meaningful and useful information to your audience. This will have them coming back for more. If a proper strategy is in place you will have worked out the best ways of getting that information out there.

- Growing an online community can take time. And it can take longer than you thought it would. If you have a well thought out strategy on how to gain followers - and keep amending and adapting it to what is working the best - then you won't run the danger of getting (and feeling) stuck.

- If you want to seriously make change and get socially-charged messages out there, then you need to seriously think about your strategy. To make sure you make the biggest impact you can, a strategic plan must be in place.You need to know - who's doing what, and at what time, and how you are going to move towards your goal together.

- Growing an online presence can really take it out of you. Sometimes you need time away, to think and recharge and to just be. If you stick to your strategic plan, then you will feel like you can in fact take some time to do this, because you have put in the work, you know it's going to work, and now you can just relax.

- Sharing and helping other accounts to grown and thrive. A huge part of social media is to share and help lift each other up, and grow each other's dreams together. When you stick to a meaningful social media plan, you will find that you have many connections out there and that if we help each other, we are all better off.

- Making connections locally. Where would we be without Facebook groups these days? It is a great idea to connect with those in your local area, and get involved with local events, and gain local clients. A social media strategy needs to be in place to include how you are going to connect with your local area.

- Social media can be an emotion roller coaster at times. You need to have a strategy in place for when things don't go as planned. When you get a negative remark, or you publish something that is incorrect.

- What creative ways are you going to get your organisation's message out there? There are many different art forms you can use - animation, graphics, music, dance, creative writing, comedy - you get the idea! To get people interested you need to stand out! So having a strategic plan which has the type of content you want to use in it is important.

I hope these points and my free template starter below will help you be well on your way to creating a meaningful and relevant social media plan that will engage, inform and entertain your audience.

And as always, if you need a hand in creating your dream strategy, then get in touch with me today!

Get my FREE printable social media strategy template starter HERE:

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