10 Questions to Shift your Thinking

Social media ethics. This may be a daunting subject for some. It is something in which I am very passionate about.

What we post and why, how we see ourselves and others, and what should be posted and what shouldn't be. Personal values are just that. Personal. That means that everyone has a different view on how social media should be used and interacted with.

This February I tackled with the subject of social media ethics on my Instagram account. I want to thank everyone that commented and voiced their opinions on the topics that I brought up. I was fully aware that not everyone would want to comment - but that was okay - because the point was to make you think.

Here is a summary of the 10 questions I came up with. Feel free to come back to these when you are in the midst of an ethical social media dilemma, and I really hope that you find them useful in your social media journey.

1. Influencer Marketing: If you were asked to promote a product as an influencer on social media that didn't align with your values, would you do it?

2. Following/Unfollowing: Should it be okay to call someone out on Instagram for unfollowing you?

3. Facebook Groups: Should an admin of a Facebook group have the right to delete a conversation? And if one of your conversations had been deleted would you call out the admin for it?

4. Hashtags: When you post something on Instagram, do your hashtags relate to your image and caption in a meaningful and genuine way that makes sense to the viewer/reader?

5. Liking/Unliking. Can you judge someone on what posts they have liked or favourited? And from this can you make assumptions about their views?

6. Negative Feedback: Removing negative comments on social media business accounts. Is it okay?What kind of negative comment would cause you to have had enough and delete?

7. Engagement Bait: Recently Facebook have announced they are cracking down on engagement bait. What are your thoughts on posts baiting the viewer to engage or react? For example, a post that outright asks the viewer to like, react or share.

8. Facebook and Mental Health: Research has shown that scrolling through the Facebook news feed can have a negative impact on a person's mental health and well being. Do you find this to be true?

9. Age Limits: How young is too young to be using social media? Are there platforms that are more appropriate to use for children than others?

10. Politics and Social Media: Everybody has their set political beliefs but should you make a habit of taking part in these discussions on social media when you are representing your business? Is this opening up a can of worms or just speaking your mind?

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