24 Days of Social Media

Hi everyone!

I thought I would create a blog post summarizing the 24 Days of Social Media campaign that I completed over December 2017!

For me this campaign was a great experience as I got to pool my ideas together; what I have been experiencing with clients, what client's have been asking me and what they have been concerned about. I also took inspiration from conversations I have had with friends, family and with followers.

So without further ado, here are the summarized 24 Days of Social Media!

*Please be aware that some of the tips created by others are accredited to them as I did not write them.

1. Think of Instagram as an adult's version of Show and Tell. Remember as a kid when you would bring in a new found object or told a grand story about what you got up to in the weekend to your classroom? Well, Instagram can work like this too. Think of the best thing you have come across recently and showcase it. If you have a peculiar story or memory to share with your audience, tell it!

2. Tell your brand's story. Remember why you started your business or organisation? What was it that made you want to get in to that particular field? Describe to your audience each stepping stone you have come across and let that pave the way to create your vision and mission. -

3. Focus on quality, not quantity. To put it bluntly, if you put shit out there, you are only going to get shit back. If you focus on creating good quality content, that you have really thought about and put some time into, then you will attract an audience of followers that will love you for it.

4. Set Goals and Objectives. What do you want to get out of your social media strategy? What are the main weekly/monthy/yearly objectives that you want to meet? If you have a clear picture in your head of where you want to be, then your social media will have real meaning and you will be on the right track. Keep referring back to your main goals and objectives regularly.

5. Don't get discouraged. Easier said than done! Social media can be a long game. If you want to grow a community of engaged, interested and loyal followers then don't get discouraged if it takes longer than expected to get established.

6. Get up close and personal. Don't be afraid to reveal challenges and struggles to your audience. Nobody is perfect and our imperfections are what makes us human and what makes us relatable! Show how you overcame some big challenges in your businesses or organisation's journey and how that has shaped you to become better and stronger.

7. Be weird. What makes you and your organisation different? What inspires you? Stand out from the crowd and show your strange

8. Plan Ahead. Any good social media strategy has to be well thought out and planned. If you want to harness the power of social media then you need to schedule your content and plan it ahead. Use a scheduling tool, use an organisational app of choice (or a notebook and pen!) and write down ideas as they come to you.

9. Celebrate Milestones. Remember to always celebrate your successes on social media. Whether it is thanking your followers for reaching a certain number of likes, or celebrating a significant business achievement. No matter how small or large the success is, it is worth recognising it and sharing it on social media!

10. Find your loyal tribe. Sometimes social media accounts can seem like they have a 'revolving door' of followers. But the aim is to find your loyal tribe to support, engage and inspire you.

11. Encourage healthy discussion. When users comment on your content, encourage the conversation, be engaging and thank them for positive feedback. However, if some comments are challenging or seem disruptive, steer the conversation in the right direction. Use your voice and contribute well!

12. Check Your Pinterest Links. Nobody likes a dead pin! Always check that the pin you are pinning to your boards on Pinterest actually leads to an active link. Follow me for more social media tips in the lead up to Christmas!

13. Know when to ask for Help. It always amazes me how many people think they know social media because they have used it for personal purposes. Don't get it twisted: social media for business and for marketing is a completely different kettle of fish. If you are floating along, posting something here and there, with no direction or professional help, thinking you are going to magic up an amazing following, chances are, you may make some unprofessional mistakes, or worse, waste your precious time.

14. Be Consistent. Those who feed the algorithms consistently (through planned content) see better results *This tip supplied by clever.social.

15. Tick all the boxes On Facebook ensure you are inviting your already engaged audience on each post to like your page. It's a 1 minute job everyday OR you can run a script. Leave no man behind! *This tip supplied by clever.social .

16. Let the tools do the work. For Instagram it's worth paying a few dollars for a scheduler that posts directly to your account for you. You can plan a months worth of content ahead of time. Set and forget. *This tip supplied by clever.social.

17. Be Authentic. Follow/Unfollow methods on Instagram are lame. Grow an engaged following by putting in the time and effort of searching out accounts by hashtag and really engaging with people. Slow and steady wins the race!

18. Write Badly. There is no good first draft. Good writing is just rewriting - many, many times. When you feel stuck, and you can’t find an idea, aim to write something terrible. Seriously, don’t over think it. Focus on the process not the outcome. Any good writer will tell you it’s all about the editing, not the first draft. *This tip supplied by aleekwrites.

19. Write to one person. A successful blogger resonates with many people - how do you do that? Sometimes it’s hard enough resonating with yourself. The answer is to know your target audience, and only write to one person. Think of your blog post as writing a letter directly to one person with a specific situation or problem. For example, If you’re a fashion blogger, write a letter to one girl who’s lost in the shop.What is she feeling? What advice would you give her?Be specific. You will soon find yourself with a blog post that resonates with people all over the world living that specific situation. Someone needs you right now, who is it. *This tip supplied by aleekwrites.

20. Be Original - Be Yourself. When we’re stuck, it’s often because we think no idea is original and everything has been done before. If you’re thinking this right now - and let’s face it, Christmas is a time for all the same cliches to be recycled again and again - you need to remember one thing. YOU have not expressed your idea before, and YOU have not done this before. Every day is a new day for you, and you have new thoughts and feelings. And when are true to yourself and your own goals, you will find a genuine following. *This tip supplied by aleekwrites.

21. Do your hashtag homework. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use relevant, popular (but not too popular, as we don't want your posts to get lost) hashtags on social media. It is worth researching what other accounts are using, seeing what's trending on twitter or using a tool to search for the most popular hashtags of the moment. #usehashtags but be wise about it!

22. Develop Close Networks.Think about your online networks as being similiar to the ones you have IRL (in real life, or the outer-web🌐 as some say). You have your closest friends who you talk to the most, then you have your friends who you talk to every now and then and the rest I guess would be acquaintances.It's important to develop and nurture these online relationships, just like you would offline.

23. Think About your Target Market.Write up and brainstorm who your target market or markets are.Who are these people? What are their backgrounds, interests, behaviours? Where do they live?What lifestyles do they lead? Keep referring back to what your ideal customer or client is and how you want to reach them.

24. Remember to Live, Breathe and Post. I think sometimes we get so caught up in social media like it is in fact the real world. Remember that sure, our online lives are very important nowadays but everything needs to be in balance. Go for a walk, hug your pets,tend your garden, eat your meals in peace, go out for date night, meet up with a friend for coffee, go to the beach, be mindful, and always remember to Live, Breathe and Post.

Thanks and see ya next time on Live. Breathe. Post!

Catherine x

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